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Done-For-You B2B Lead Generation

Every business needs leads and customers. At Lead Strategy Agency, we implement the most powerful promotion fulfill this goal for you. 

B2B Leads

No More Cold Calling! Enquire About Our 'Certified Social Leads Consultant' Service 


Follow And Capture Attention Just Like the Major Companies Do With  Retargeting Ads 


Broadcast Your Message To Thousands Of Listeners With Spotify Commercials

Digital Marketing Services

We are Digital Marketers and Certified Social Leads Consultants. Our B2B Lead Generation Service harnesses the most highly targeted leads...on the most affluent platform in the world...LinkedIn.

B2B Lead Generation

Do you need more Leads to grow Customers & Cash Flow?
I don't mean you have to Cold Call or Cold Email. I mean a Steady Stream of High Qualified Leads who Email you, Book meetings with you, send you LinkedIn Messages and even call you! All because they are excited to talk to you about your product or service.
Now, why do they want to talk with you? Because these cold leads have been converted to hot leads.
Where can you find Hot Leads like These?
Only on.. LinkedIn


Promotion Strategy

What we do for you:
1.Target your ideal prospects
2. Build you a LinkedIn list
3. Send custom promotional messages to your new connections
4. Drive high-quality prospects into sales appointments.

We Are Certified Social Leads Consultants

We help CEO's, Business Owners, Attorneys, Contractors, Recruiters etc. No matter what your company does, we can help you solve the #1 business problem - getting enough qualified clients to talk to.
We offer you a team of certified LinkedIn professionals and your own personal LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
They work with you to optimize your LinkedIn profile to improve your rankings. The team will create a targeted list of prospects and send messages to invite them to connect with you. Then follow up messages are sent to turn the connections into hot and warm leads.
Are you committed to getting your leads daily! Let's chat?

Click the red button to discover how we can help your business.

Visit our LinkedIn page to read more.

B2C Lead Generation


A powerful promotion strategy is Retargeting. You are about to discover how major companies use retargeting display ads as their marketing strategy to convert website visitors into buyers.


Promotion Strategy

A successful promotion strategy has many moving parts with the end-goal being more traffic (customers).

Every business needs traffic. Without a lead generation strategy, getting that traffic to your door can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. It can also become very expensive, if you don't exactly understand how to put together a marketing strategy that is going to work with today's customer. A promotion strategy must be crafted to fit strategically within the marketing plan. 

Retargeting Display Ads

Our retargeting display ads achieve the highest conversions with the lowest advertising costs. Our digital marketing agency will create the best retargeting display ads for your business. These ads are built to capture attention and avoid 'banner blindness.' Let us do the work for you or we can show you how to create a retargeting campaign, if you choose to do it yourself.

Click the red button to get started or leave your details in the 'chat box' below so we can forward you our step-by-step 'How to Re-target guide'.

Spotify Ads

Spotify ads are being heard all day long by the incredibly fast growing internet audio audience. A massive exodus is happening as Radio listeners tune into Spotify, an Internet Audio service.

Reach the radio listener audience with Spotify ads. If your promotion strategy is to reach a massive targeted audience, then nothing beats Spotify ads (or Internet Audio Ads). Use this as your digital marketing advertising platform to broadcast your sales message to a huge audience, anywhere between 5,000 to 20,000 times a month! 

Marketing Strategy

Lead Strategy Agency will build your Spotify ad on the same platform that Fortune 500 companies are using in their marketing strategy to get their message across. 

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Toyota, Dodge, Kia, Mazda, Belgian Moon Beer are just a few of these multi-million dollar companies building their brand through the new internet audio advertising platforms such as Spotify.

Start creating highly profitable Spotify ads to get leads, sales and traffic today. Click the red button to get started!


Convert your website visitors into buyers with the latest in Chatbot "AI" Technology.

Use our next-generation Chatbots to increase customer interaction and conversions.

Let our Bot do the hard work for you! Just fill out a form and our designed-for-you Chatbot does the rest!

Chatbot App

Why does the  Chatbot app work so well?

This is how the world communicates now. Consider how people love using messenger apps to communicate with their friends, family, colleagues etc; whether through Whatsapp, Messenger, Slack, iMessage; this is how we are communicating. So it makes perfect sense to carry that behaviour through to how we market to people on our websites with a chatbot app.

Incorporate a marketing strategy that is engaging and works for you 24/7.

Customer Service Assistant

Use chatbots to qualify your leads. By asking a simple series of questions, your conversions can be improved dramatically.

Have a product or service you want them to buy? Ask the right series of questions to qualify your leads and before passing them to your sales team. Use this system if you want to send them to an optin list. You can qualify them before sending them through to the list that is most suitable for them. This will save you time, energy and money. Click the red button to get started!

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Getting to the crux of Marketing, it is about being in the right place at the right time when trying to
connect with people to present your marketing message to.

Digital Marketing

The two important roles of a digital marketer is to promote brand awareness and lead generation.

  • Promote brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, email marketing etc. 
  • Digital Marketers understand that to reach and connect with an audience, you need to be in front of them. Where to find them? Online! This is the ying yang relationship digital marketing has with social media.
  • Incredible reach, especially with the new internet audio platforms like Spotify.
  • Much deeper testing and analysis can be achieved with digital marketing than with traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Brand awareness and lead generation are much more challenging and expensive to achieve with traditional marketing.

  • An expensive marketing strategy
  • Time consuming 
  • Tiring, alot of legwork required to deliver brouchers etc
  • Difficult to connect with mass audience at one time
  • Needs patience
  • Results are not instant, it requires time to see results
  • Difficult to get accurate reports
  • Can't easily sync with social media platforms
  • Need to employ various skills
  • Stagnant, does not change much


The benefits of digital marketing far outway traditional marketing. Every business today needs to re-evaluate their marketing strategy. If it's not a digital marketing strategy, then your purpose will be sadly misaligned with the needs of today's savvy customer. The sad reality is your competitor most likely understands this and it is they who will have the winning hand.

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Lead Strategy Agency is a digital marketing agency formed as the result of Nesta's passion to help and guide small businesses through the technical and sometimes complex, digital  marketing evolution. 


“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

- Thomas Jefferson

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We are offering a 14 Day Free Trial on B2C services, once your set-up deposit has been paid (the details of which you receive once you submit the form). This is a limited opportunity for a limited number of applicants. Your month starts after 14 Days,  so you get 14 Days Free to try it out! There is no contract. If you are not happy just contact us, and we'll discontinue the campaigns. The deposit is non-refundable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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