Having A Mobile App For Your Business Is Imperitive If You Want To Build Your Brand Today

Users all over the world simply prefer Mobile Apps over websites for the convenience and ease of use.

How A Mobile App Can Help Your Business

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If what you want is to build trust in your brand, be seen as the leader in your market and be able to engage your customers with offers and rewards, then a Mobile App will be perfect for you.

Today's customer is highly distracted, it is getting more difficult to engage with them and to just simply stay in touch. Companies like Amazon, Deliveroo, Air BnB, uBer and others understand this. Their Mobile Apps are used as powerful tools to build their brand and maintain their customer relationships.





Traffic is the lifeline of any businesss. Yet an astonishingly high percentage, as high as 90% of business fail each year due to lack of traffic and poor customer engagement. Don't let your business be the next casualty. Allow us to build a beautiful, engaging mobile app for your business and become a leader in your industry!

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Mobile App Download Projection

With 105 Billion Mobile App downloads in 2018 alone, there is no arguing that Mobile Apps are here to stay. Large companies continue to invest big in App development because they know it's worth it and they understand the value. 

The Benefits Of Having An App For Your Business

The Best Engagement Tool By Far!

Easily Shop Online

Mobile Apps make it easy for your customers to shop online. Tap and buy or send them to your website!

Best Tool For Growth

If you are serious about growth, then an App is by far, the most beneficial tool you could have.

Attract Customers

Customers love surprises. Our Push Notification feature easily sends them discounts and offers!

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Empower Your Business With A Mobile App

Mobile Apps are changing the way businesses interact with their prospects and customers. Every busines should have their own app to lead customers back to the business. 

People love Apps. They love the convenience!

With consumers turning to mobile apps at an increasing rate, it makes sense for your business to provide them with an app. Research has found that more than 80% of consumers say they prefer shopping, booking appointments, ordering food and transport etc. through an app. Why? Because it's tap, tap, easy!

Everyone has their phone on them, this gives them instant access to your business.

We build state-of-the-art, function rich, native mobile apps for all types of businesses. 

What is a Native App and how is it different?

Native Apps are built to exactly meet the requirements of the environment they run on. They are built for speed and are the fastest kind of Mobile App there is.

Our goal is to build fast, robust Native Apps that serves the business the very purpose of having a Mobile App.

Push Notification and Geo Targeting

Imagine the difference this feature will make to your business!

Our Push Notification feature is built to attract prospects like bees to honey! Set up Push Notifications with Geo Tagging and choose a radius around your business, be it 100 meters or 5 kms. Now, whenever anyone comes within this distance from your business, and they have their phone on them, a Notification is Pushed to them, delivering your pre-set message  to them. This is a great way to send them coupon offers, invitations, special deals etc. Example:

"Come in for a free dessert with your meal. Only available today!" 

Or, "Tickets are reduced by 50% for the next three hours only, get yours Now!"

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this to your business in just 3 steps:


Food Ordering App

This is a stand-alone feature that is built right within the App. This feature can be installed to take orders on your website as well. The customer places an order and the kitchen responds with the delivery time etc. Domino's spent over $500,000 on their App, you can have one built for your business at a fraction of that price!

food ordering app for restaurants and food outlets


Appointment Booking App

This feature makes it easy and convenient for your customers to book an appointment with you. They can also book with their preferred stylist right within the app. They will receive reminders about the appointment as it gets closer. 

appointment booking app for android and ios


This is The Employee Scheduler Feature.

Why continue setting schedules timesheets and rosters on paper when this can all be done within our app! Employees will receive a push notification depending on your input when they arrive within a distance range of your business. They can also clock into work right from the app. A valuable feature for any business. Paper records are messy and unorganised, install this feature and your records will always be there for you.

Employee scheduler mobile app for android and ios

Whatever the Business... We will build an App for you!

mobile app for car dealership


  • Image Gallery
  • Geo Fencing
mobile app for events


  • Ticketing
  • Event Calendar
mobile app for golf club


  • Event Calendar
  • Loyalty Program

mobile app for hair salon


  • Appointments
  • Store Locator
mobile app for hotel


  • Reservations
  • Smart Reviews
mobile app for online store


  • Shopping Cart
  • Image Gallery

Some Of Our App Features:

  • Fast, Built For Speed
  • Android and Apple ios
  • 9 Loyalty Programs
  • Food Ordering
  • Messaging
  • Social Media Integration
  • Store Locator
  • Event Calendar
  • Geo Tagging
  • Push Notifications
  • Extensive Feature List
  • Fully Customizable
  • Exclusive Dashboard Access
  • Customer CRM
  • Beautiful Design
  • For All Types of Business

Extensive Features List... Convert Audiences into Leads, Buyers and Profits!

mobile app for real estate agency


  • Image Gallery
  • Geo Targeting
mobile app for restaurant


  • Food Ordering
  • Delivery 
mobile app for retailer


  • Store Locator
  • Push Notification

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