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facebook retargeting

Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting vs Remarketing, what's the difference?

Retargeting on Facebook, using retargeting ads on Google or website, this marketing strategy will convert non-buyers into buyers! Retargeting vs Remarketing, there is no difference, they are one of the same thing. Better known as retargeting and by definition: (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.
Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel within the target webpage or email, which sets a cookie in the user's browser. Once the cookie is set, the advertiser is able to show display ads to that user elsewhere on the internet via an ad exchange. - wikipedia.org

How we best describe Retargeting

Simply, like having a virtual sales person that works for you 24/7
and then follows up with your prospects.
Retargeting or Remarketing is a business owner's Best Sales Person! One that can be fully trained and automated to report back with informative behaviors and statistics.

Website conversion

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert. Generally, only 2% of visitors to a website will end up making a purchase. However, with retargeting, we have the means to follow them with retargeting ads to remind and convert those who did not purchase, into buyers!

Any visitor to your website who does not complete a purchase, can be retargeted. A large number of website visitors will begin to make a purchase but stop at the shopping cart and not go through with it.
This is someone who was interested in your offer, but for some reason, decided not to finish off the purchase, so they abandon the shopping cart. This is such a common occurrence, you may recognize this behavior in your business too. 

How we convert a non-purchaser into a buyer

Our solution to this is to follow and remind the potential customer of the purchase they never completed, using a retargeting strategy. 

We present discount offer ads to them which will show up to them as they continue through the web, through the use of a cookie.

This powerful reminder is responsible for converting a 'lost' customer into a now happy buyer, now that they have been offered a discounted coupon offer for the shopping cart. 

This is one reason why Retargeting works so well!


At Lead Strategy Agency, we focus on Relevance. This means repeatedly showing your ad at the right time and on the right platform, eg. a website, Facebook, Google, YouTube and many more authority platforms. Relevance is critical in marketing, as it is well known that the audience needs to view your offer at least seven times before they commit to making the purchase. 

facebook remarketing

That is why it is so important to plan a well crafted execution strategy that will convert successfully.

retargeting on facebook

We use a Retargeting strategy to:

  • Set up tracking on your website
  • Build your audiences
  • Create multiple Ads to avoid banner blindness
  • Run a rotation of different Ads, continuously
  • Build and run the Google Retargeting campaign

Some of the ads we craft:

‚Äč1. To show-off your Reviews. Reviews are very important to any business. It is well known that a large majority of customers will make a purchase based on a review.
If you have them, we want to show them off for you!

2. Retarget Seasonal Messages with Holiday promotions and seasonal promotional Ads.

3. We display 'Offer Ads' with time-sensitive Offers relative to the stage in the buyers journey with your business.

4. Branding Ads.These Ads show-off the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your business. We want to tell them why you are different to your competitor and why they should buy from you instead!

Creating marketing creatives is a time consuming process

We understand the problems businesses face with creating creatives for their marketing needs. Most businesses will settle on creating a few variations of Ads with a specific purpose. 

That Ad is then positioned on the businesses Facebook page or website, where it is hoped to attract attention and convert into a purchase. 

Banner blindness

The problem with this is today's customer is bombarded daily with marketing images on all the different social media and other digital platforms they visit. They have 'banner blindness', by no fault of their own. This is simply the result of technology

At Lead Strategy Agency, we understand this. We know how to avoid banner blindness. We know how to make the 'magic' happen for your business!

We can help you!

Our aim is to build and maintain a quality client relationship with companies we know we can help. Building your brand across multiple platforms including Google, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and many other powerful authority platforms. Not only are we promoting your product or service...we are building your brand on the most authoratitive sites on the internet so you can't be ignored.

The result is two-fold. Your advertising is now converting potential buyers into buyers... and your brand is growing to be recognized and liked by you ideal customers  across the internet.

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Lead Strategy Agency is a digital marketing agency. We specialize in helping businesses grow their customer base using digital strategies that are in tune with today's trending consumer. A digital evolution is happening right now. The traditional customer now has a new journey. Whether businesses have embraced this or not can only be defined in future success. Our goal is to show businesses how by implementing simple digital strategies into their marketing can make a huge difference in their ability to grow profitably.