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Spotify Advertising

How Advertising On Spotify Can Help Grow Your Business

Spotify ads are reaching targeted audiences while they're on the go. Large companies have caught on and are making the most of this opportunity to meet the consumer right where they hang out...on the internet. If you're looking for a way to grab the public's attention and get the quickest turnaround in your marketing efforts, look no further than Spotify ads (internet audio advertising).

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Internet-delivered audio listening rises 59% in four years 

(Source: Edison research study) https://www.edisonresearch.com/internet-delivered-audio-listening-rises-59-in-four-years/

As of the end of 2018, the share of listening going to these platforms of audio has risen from 22% to 35%.

“While the more established modes of audio delivery, such as broadcasting and listening to owned music, remain strong, with each update we show more audio is delivered through the internet. These trends are especially pronounced among young people,” said Edison Research Director Laura Ivey.

Internet Advertising

While radio advertising has been around since day dot, the audio market has been changing dramatically, inline with technology. Internet audio is growing in popularity at tremendous speed. Accessible through almost any internet compatible device, this audio source is similar to radio but offers advertisers tremendous opportunity in achieving marketing goals.

While it is still great to turn on the radio and tune in while you're driving, the big companies are using the Spotify platform to get their message listened to accross the multiple internet devices available to consumers today. 

Marketing Strategy

How? With targeted advertising. Your business goal could either be to build brand recognition or to receive a direct response to your ad. Whichever is your goal, we can help your business ingrain brand recognition to your target audience through audio advertising. We can also help your business get people to a website, landing page or any sales promotion with never possible before technology, using internet audio advertising.

Spotify Advertising

We stream commercial ads through Spotify, an online internet music streaming and advertising platform.

how to advertise on spotify

Superior Reach

Spotify is able to play your commercial between 5,000 and 10,000 times per month in most cities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. Because this is new technology, it has not yet reached some countries.

We are able to run your commercial to a specific demographic and only play your message to the most qualified potential customer, then target and track progress using Spotify.

A much better solution to radio advertising, which simply broadcasts to wide audiences at targeted times of the day. 

Spotify is the perfect solution for small to large companies wanting to direct their message to a targeted listening audience. 

The advantages of using Spotify over radio advertising. You're able to target your:

  • ideal market
  • Ideal gender
  • Ideal age group
  • Ideal demographic
  • Achieve faster results
  • People can listen on any device
  • Much more cost effective than radio
  • See the results of your ad run through reports
  • See who heard your ad all the way through to the end
  • See who clicked through to your website/product promotion
  • Learn more about your target market through these report results
  • The ideal listener, whether members of a gym, homeowners or people looking for a new vehicle
  • This service is suitable for all sorts of businesses ranging from gyms, automotive, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, cosmetic surgeons, etc.

The fact that Spotify advertising has superior benefits to radio advertising, makes it the perfect and most cost effective solution for businesses to advertise on.

We Do It All For You

All you need to do is relay to us what your advertising goal is:

a. To create brand awareness or

b. To get a direct response from the listeners.

Step 1. Click the button below to get access to a form. We need to know basic information about your company so that we can serve your needs best.

Step 2. Once we establish your goal, we will request a short 70 word script from you which we will then craft into an audio commercial with a focus on your goal. 

Step 3. We implement parameters and build a strategy to make sure we achieve great results for you.

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